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Lublu candles are made with a luxurious and creamy wax blend made from natural soy and coconut oils, and a minuscule amount of highly refined food-grade paraffin wax. They're vegan, parabin free and phthalate free. I hand pick the fragrances and blend them to create unique scents which are free of harmful chemicals. And, I use cotton wicks to ensure a clean, non-toxic burn. They're handmade in small batches and poured with love and care by me! The candles should burn 45+ hours if you burn them correctly (Trim your wick! I'm watching you).

I opt for the natural wax color but there can be discoloration/variations from candle to candle due to the fragrance oils. Discoloration is completely normal and to be expected. This does not affect the performance of your candle.

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Hi everyone! My name is Emilee & I am the owner of Lublu Scents. I'm 24 years old and reside in Palm Beach, FL . I moved from Miami, FL  in 2017, but that is not where my candle making journey began. I remember being in my room mid 2019, lighting a candle and thinking "What is this candle made of.. what am I breathing?" I knew the candles sold in stores smelled amazing but weren't made with natural products. So I proceeded to buy a DIY candle making kit and experiment with different scents, waxes and wicks to create the most natural, clean burning candle possible.  I began by making candles as stocking stuffers for my family in the holiday's, & boy, have I come a long way! After much patience and many testings, I finally created a product I wanted to share with you. I pride myself in creating a quality product for everyone to enjoy. 

I always knew I wanted to have my own business and make my own rules...who doesn't? And so, Lublu Scents was born! My pride and joy!

I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my site & view my products. Throughout this candle making journey, I have been immensely breath taken by all of your love and support in launching my small business. 

I am so excited to share these amazing products! Your support means the world to me! Every purchase you make, makes me do a happy dance... seriously! 

                                    XOXO - Emilee

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